Forget impossible

It is time for us humans to forget impossible. To rise to our strength as the species we are:

Homo sapiens fabula

The upright two legged walking ape who is as wise as the stories he tells himself.

Here we list the principal challenges that mankind faces, as a species and as individuals and we underscore the hidden solutions that serve to bring us out of the deserts of our blindness, to the new story that awaits us.

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Here's to the sane ones, the fully fitted, the wholly quiet, the sealed, those who have outgrown all boxed holes, the ones who see clearly,....they are not bound by rules and nor do they seek to so confine others.

The human race is pushed downward through them. Not backward, not upward, but to the place of stillness where the secret of greatest movement lies.

And in the seat of that grounded place, they discover a seed. A seed entrusted to them to plant. Because the ones who are wise enough to know that the flower does not chase the bee, rather the flower blooms, and the bee comes, are the ones through whom the world is irrevocably changed.

— Nathan Curry